Books For African American's
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Holiday Collection

                                 CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS AND YOUR CULTURE

Kwanzaa Kits $69.95

Black Barbie Dolls $24.95 each: Midge and Baby, Astronaut, Costume Ball, Pilot, United Colors, Simone, Emerald Elegance

Black Americans of Achievement Game $24.95

Nguzo Saba Poster $9.95 (18x24)

Kwanzaa Banner $19.95 (18x24)

My First Matching Game $13.99

War on Drugs Game $24.95

Africentric Software Clip Art $24.95

Black Heritage Trivia $19.99

Black Children’s Videos $19.95 each: Michael Jordan’s Playground, Children’s Stories from Africa, Why Mosquitoes Buzz, Our Friend Martin, Pre School Math, Elementary Math, The Songhai Princess. For grades pre-school – 8th

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