How to Escape Getting Killed Cause of Your Skin Color

There’s a conspiracy to destroy black boys (and girls).  And whether you believe this or not, it doesn’t change the reality of it.

We’ve seen more than enough #BlackLivesMatter hashtags but do black lives really matter?


COVID 1619 - When Racism Began In America

Racism is America’s number one problem. We can no longer be in denial.

Black youth must be taught how to overcome racism.

Why do some Black youth associate being smart with acting white?

scholarships for black students

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COVID 1619

It tells what I’ve seen growing up in my neigboorhood and School and what I still see in schools. If you really wanna learn and help young men this is a great way to start in your learning experience understanding what deep waters they go through and how to guide them. Had to purchase a second time my co worker wanted it

Marco Floyd

COVID 1619

This book is a must have for ALL parents of black boys. It is obvious Dr. Kunjufu loves and cares about his people and has great ideas and solutions to stop the conspiracy to destroy black boys. DR. Kunjufu is a wonderful inspiration and I will make it a point to read all his books.

Nubia Garcia


Excellent read for any one who care's enough. I think the writer has great insight on the needs for our Black Boys and our Black children in general.

Luminous Cooper

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COVID 1619

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  • When Racism began in America, how to protect yourself from the system

COVID 1619

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  • When Racism began in America, how to protect yourself from the system