Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness

Would you like to live longer?
What’s the secret?


Your body is 75% water. Tap water is acidic and filthy. Bottled water, unless it holds a  pH of 7.0 or above, is acidic and unfortunately some companies sell tap water and call it bottled. Disease occurs in an Acidic body. The answer – ALKALINE WATER.

It regulates blood pressure, improves digestion, reverses aging, reduces diseases, increases energy, best antioxidant, and foods taste better. It also helps to lose weight, improves sex drive, removes plaque and heals wounds.

Your well-being starts with what you put in your mind and body. What you eat determines your immunity and your overall health is determined by not only what you put into your mouth, but is largely influenced by how you exercise.

Eating the right nutrients and minerals appears to be one of our greatest challenges and it shows up in the statistics showing that African Americans die consistently more than our counterpart, from preventable and or curable diseases. Did you know studies show that the mortality rate among African American’s would heavily decrease just by a regimented meal and exercise plan?

Health: (As referenced by Oxford Dictionaries), is the state of being free from illness or injury.

Ultimately, focusing on your “well-being” ( defined as), a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity).  Our entire lives with how we associate one to another including the manner in which we adapt to the threat of disease would be positively impacted.

Let’s look at this: If your well-being is defined as being a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity, then ask yourself:

How healthy am I?
Meaning how often do you get sick, or how many physical impairments do you have that restrict you from an active life.

How happy am I? Meaning how often do you display enthusiasm, feeling or showing how joyful, grateful and fortunate you are.

How prosperous am I? Meaning how favorable & promising life is for you: your success and how fortunate/prosperous you are in your characteristics.

“Think healthy, do healthy, be healthy”

• Do you want God’s best for your life?
• Do you know God’s healing scriptures?
• Would you like to live a drug free energetic life?
• Is your doctor “saved”, drug free, energetic?
• Does medicine eliminate the problem or accept it?
• Why is the incidence of cancer greater today than a century  ago?
• Why is the incidence of heart disease greater today than a century ago?
• Are we living longer, but not feeling better?
• If you eat three times a day, how many times do you eliminate?
• Where is the food you did not eliminate?
• What damage is it causing?
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