Books For African American's
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About AAI

We have been a book publisher since 1980. We have published over
200 books for children and adults. Please click on “Guidelines for Manuscripts”
if you would like be our next best-selling author!” We are also a consulting
firm to schools. We provide over 50 different workshops for educators, parents
and students. Our workshops are geared toward improving the academic
performance Black and Hispanic students. Please click on
“Staff Development” for more detailed information. We also have developed a
multicultural/afrocentric curriculum titled SETCLAE and a Children’s Library.
Please click on “SETCLAE” for more details. We also host a national conference
the first week in May. Please click on “Conference” for more details. We also have
an online bookstore with over 500 titles. Please click on “Catalog” for more
details. Last, we provide tutoring and
mentoring to students.