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Dr. Kunjufu's Call to Principals

Principals, Dr. Kunjufu Has A Message for You:

One session could be ideal for your 1-hour staff meetings.

You'll leave the workshop with practical strategies you can use the very next day!

Topics would include:

What have successful schools done with low income Black and Hispanic students?

What are the seven traits of a master principal?

Changing School Culture so that the peer group values academic achievement

Managers or instructional leaders?

Improving staff morale and convincing them they can make a difference

Closing the Racial Academic Achievement Gap

Reducing Your Suspension Rate

Reducing Your Dropout Rate

Reducing Your Special Education Rate

Raising Teacher Expectations

Improving Reading Scores

Improving Math Scores

Improving Writing Scores

An African Centered Response to Ruby Payne’s Poverty Theory

Understanding Male Learning Styles

Improving Female Performance

Classroom Management

Helping Teachers Understand Diversity

How to improve parental involvement and support

How to help your male students reach their full potential

Making your curriculum more relevant and more multicultural

Is your staff ready to talk about the elephant (racism) in the school?

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30 minutes * 60 minutes * 90 minutes * 3 hours * 5 hours * 3 per year * 5 per year

For more information, and to schedule a date, send your request to: