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  • 17 million Americans die from cardiovascular diseases (mostly heart disease and stroke) each year.
  • 2 million Americans die every year from cancer.
  • Diabetes is the third leading killer of African Americans and the sixth leading killer of Americans overall.
  • 40 million Americans suffer from debilitating arthritis.
  • 217,000 Americans suffer from kidney failure and are on dialysis.
  • 500,000 die from complications related to substance abuse (tobacco, illegal drugs, and alcohol).

By some estimates, one-third or more of these diseases are preventable, yet the issue of prevention is seldom raised in the debates. According to the Milken Institute, if the U.S. were to make modest improvements were made in prevention and disease management by 2023, 40 million cases of chronic disease could be avoided, $218 billion spent annually in treatment costs could be saved, and improved productivity would increase the GDP by an estimated $905 billion.

Physical Symptoms, Spiritual Source
Jawanza Kunjufu, author of Satan, I’m Taking Back My Health  agrees that prevention is a neglected piece of the health care puzzle and that poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, and environmental factors all contribute to sickness and disease.

Satan’s 4 Tricks
  • Delayed consequences. If people became immediately addicted to liquor, cigarettes, and cocaine, for example, they would be more careful about using those drugs. Unfortunately, the body’s reactions to these substances is not immediate.
  • Moderation. We believe that if we consume only a little at a time, we will not be harmed. A little of this, a little of that will not hurt you—when in truth, the effects can be cumulative and deadly over time.
  • Exceptions to the rules. Research shows that one of every three smokers will suffer from lung cancer. “That means two of every three will not get sick.”
  • Conflicting research. Many of us are research fatigued. Some studies say coffee is good  some say it will harm you. Some say eggs are a good source of protein. Others say that eggs cause cholesterol.

Satan, I’m Taking Back My Health is a groundbreaking, Christian-centered, do-it-yourself approach to wellness, health care, and personal responsibility. Combining research, biblical scholarship, personal testimony, and  common sense.

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