Books For African American's
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Manuscript Submission

Submission Guidelines:
  1. You will receive a written response generally within a ten (10) week period. Please provide an email address for the response to be sent. We will be
    unable to answer telephone inquiries about your manuscript. Unsolicited manuscripts (or books) will not be returned. Please do not submit
    the entire script. Two to 3 sample chapters would be sufficient. Please
    do not send your originals. African American Images is not responsible
    for manuscripts that are lost. Manuscripts should be sent through the mail.
    Scripts sent by email or fax will not be considered.

  2. We do not publish reprints, poetry, plays, essays, novels,
    autobiographies, or biographies.

  3. Typically, we do not publish manuscripts exclusively addressing the
    Continent of Africa.

  4. Generally speaking, African American Images publishes books
    from an Afrocentric frame of reference that promote self-esteem,
    collective values, liberation, and skill development.

  5. We do not publish adult fiction. Our adult books, however, must provide
    solutions for African Americans.

  6. We do publish juvenile fiction and non-fiction.

  7. African American Images does not advance royalties.

    House Style
    In the event that our office agrees to publish your work and in order to
    expedite the production of your book, please incorporate the following format
    when typing the script:

  1. email a brief excerpt of your manuscript to us today at,
    Attn: Editorial Department.
  2. The manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word 2000, XP, 2003 or
    2007 (preferably 2007).
  3. Each chapter should be placed in a separate file. There should also be
    separate files for back matter (References, Bibliography, and Appendix) and
    separate files for front matter (Table of Contents, Introduction, and Preface).
  4. The manuscript’s left and right margins should be 1″ each.
  5. You may use whatever style would be most helpful in spelling, pronunciation and
    emphasis: Consistency, however, is crucial.
  6. When using charts, please use Microsoft Word’s chart format.
  7. Use the spell check function to make sure all spelling is correct.

We appreciate your interest in our PUBLISHING services.