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Invite Best Selling Author Jawanza Kunjufu
To Speak To Your Youth



Best-selling author and consultant to most urban school districts.

Dr Kunjufu is available for speaking, curriculum development, consultation, educational staff training, and mentoring programs.

  • How Do Your Teachers Feel About Staff Development?

  • How Can You Reduce Teacher Turnover?

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Invite Dr Jawanza KunjufuTo Excite! Rejuvenate! Inform! Inspire!
With These Educational Programs And Many More!!
• 60 minutes • 90 minutes • 3 hours • 5 hours • 3 per year • 5 per year
  • Best Practices for Educating the Black/Hispanic Male Conference
  • Best Practices for Educating the Black/Hispanic Female Conference
  • What have 500 successful schools done with low-income Black Students?
  • Raising Teacher Expectations
  • Reducing Your Suspensions
  • Changing School Culture for Black Males
  • Closing the Racial Academic Achievement Gap
  • Improving Black/Hispanic Male Test Scores
  • Understanding Black/Hispanic Male Learning Styles
  • Improving Minority Math Scores
  • Improving Minority Reading Test Scores
  • Improving Minority Writing Test Scores
  • Developing Students to Become Self-Disciplined




services and Speaking services and Speaking


services and Speaking

services and Speaking

For information on booking, scheduling, or speaking, please send your inquiry to:

African American Images
P.O. Box 1799 
Chicago Heights, IL 60412 
Fax 708-672- 0466