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Q: Why is there a need for  SETCLAE?

  • Forty-two percent of African Americans can’t read beyond the sixth grade level.  In most urban areas the dropout rate hovers near 50 percent.  There is, on an average, a thirty point differential on achievement tests between White and African American students.
  • Many African American Students associate being smart with being White or with being something undesirable or unattainable.
  •  Many are embarrassed about their lack of knowledge about African American History.
  • People who possess self-esteem attribute their success to their abilities, and their failures to lack of effort.
  • Numerous studies confirm the relationship between self-esteem and academic achievement.

Q: What are the goals of SETCLAE?

  • To improve the academic achievement of those students no reaching their fullest potential.
  • To instill in youth self-determination and effort which is the best way to measure academic achievement.
  • To transmit racial pride and enhance the students’ knowledge of culture and history and its significance to contemporary living.
  • To improve discipline and school atmosphere

Q: How will the goals of SETCLAE be met?

  • By conducting in-service training for educators and parents on:Self-Esteem
    Teacher expectations
    School climate
  • Maximizing academic achievement
  • By measuring students’ self-esteem at the onset of the program using a self-esteem pre-test and  after completion of the lesson plans with a post-test.
  • By providing lesson plans to be used to enhance the students’ knowledge of African and African American culture and history.

Q: What courses are best suited for SETCLAE?
SETCLAE can be easily integrated into the following elementary and high school courses:

  • Language Art
  • Health
  • Sex Education
  • Peer Pressure
  • Social Studies
  • American History
  • Drug Prevention /Education
  • African American History
  • Civics
  • World Cultures

SETCLAE can also be integrated into many courses and post-secondary level in the following disciplines:

  • Sociology
  • History
  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • African American Studies/Black Studies
  • American Studies

Q: Can SETCLAE work in a “Multicultural” setting?
We have had a great deal of interest in schools in which African Americans make up a small minority.  A large portion of SETCLAE lesson plans are not racially specific and are appropriate for all racial groups.

~ We also stand firm on the importance of all students needing a more accurate understanding of African American culture and history.  If we are really serious about integration, then we must drop the “melting pot” theory and implement the “salad bowl” theory.

~ SETCLAE is also easily modified to include other cultures.  For example, Harambee groups can choose from the names of the Hispanic-speaking communities or countries or important leaders from their particular ethnic group.  It is important for all children to receive the exposure of African American culture and history in a positive light.

~ It is equally important for teachers to be receptive to the information, if they are looking for strategies and materials that will help them relate to their African American students

Q: How does SETCLAE compare with other multicultural curriculums on the market?
We believe there is no comparison!! But we’ll let you be the judge!

~ SETCLAE is a comprehensive self-esteem curriculum complete with an in-service training video, teacher’s manual, complete workbooks (Grades K-8, 9-12), lesson plans videos, posters, award certificates, pre- and post-tests, a map and all the books needed to successfully implement the program.

~No other modules can attempt to do what SETCLAE does; which is to systematically build the self-esteem of all children (and even adults), using the positive elements of African and African American culture.  Even overall school climate is improved if SETCLAE is implemented as the school-wide program that it is meant to be.

Q: Is the in-service training really necessary?
Yes!  SETCLAE is a comprehensive on-going program which includes an informative, easy-to-follow in-service video featuring SETCLAE co-authors Folami Prescott, M.A. and Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu.  This 70-minute video will help new and future implementers understand the materials, the concept, and the actual process.

~ Implementors also need to receive an overview of the need for SETCLAE.  Remember the importance of agreeing on problems, causes and solutions, before we can move to the implementation.  (Dr. Barbara Sizemore)

Q: How can SETCLAE be used in the classroom?

  • By making full use of the exciting lesson plans which are included in the workbooks designed for each grade K through 8 and in the High School workbook.
  • In thirty-minute weekly class sessions that can be expanded.
  • With a model that is very flexible and easily integrated into existing curriculums.

Q: Who can benefit from SECLAE?

  • Public and Private Schools, K-8, 9-12
  • Day Care Centers
  • Culturally Integrated Schools in which such a program can improve racial relations and decrease racial tension.
  • Parents
  • After-School and Saturday Cultural Programs
  • Youth Clubs and Recreation Centers

Q: What are some of the lesson plans?
Elementary SETCLAE contains 32 lesson plans.

  • Peer Pressure
  • Advertising Images
  • Values
  • History
  • Culture
  • Choosing Careers

There are a total of 28 lesson plan in High School SETCLAE.  Each on comes with “extensions” so that you can expand a lesson plan to include new material.

  • Black English/Standard English
  • Public Speaking
  • Peer Pressure
  • Male/Female Rites of Passage
  • Sex Education
  • Drug Education
  • The Media

Additional Workshops Available:

  1. Observation And Follow-Up Discussions
  2. Direct Contact With Students-SETCLAE Staff teachers four classes using the model and materials
  3. Negro Versus African History – How to Teach African History Correctly
  4. Self-Esteem And  Its Relationship to Discipline- A Crucial Relationship
  5. Teacher Expectations – Getting the most from students
  6. Language Arts – Using cultural dialect to teach standard English
  7. Self-Esteem and Parental Empowerment – For parents only


  1. It Will Promote Self-Esteem.
  2. It Will Improve Academic Achievement.
  3. It Will Reduce Disciplinary Problems.
  4. It Is Easily Integrated Into The Curriculum.
  5. High Quality, Inexpensive Material, And Support Service.
  6. In-Service Training Is An Integral Component Of SETCLAE.
  7. It Encourages Parental Involvement