Books For African American's
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Until You Understand White Supremacy $5.95 (audio)

Until You Understand White Supremacy $5.95 (audio)


By: Dr. Kunjufu


Four CD's titled, Sermons to Save the Black Family . . .$39.95 per set of 4
From Boyhood to Manhood: A Father's Day Sermon $5.95
Do You Want God's Best? $5.95
Who Will Save Our Boys? $5.95
Empowering African American Youth through Rites of Passage $5.95
Stop the Drugs in the Black Community! $5.95
How Much Word is in You? $5.95
What does Christ mean to You? $5.95
Christian Commitment: The Responsibility to the Cross $5.95
Which one are you? In Church or in Christ? $5.95
Developing Character for the Next Generation $5.95
The Legacy of Martin Luther King $5.95
What Happens When Women Meet Jesus? $5.95
Pressing Towards The Mark - Excellence $5.95
Black Men, Black Women We Need Each Other $5.95
Scholarship Sunday $5.95
Are You Growing In The Lord? $5.95
If Black Men Knew Jesus $5.95
What Happens When a Man Meets Jesus $5.95