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Conferences Conducted by Dr. Kunjufu

Conferences Conducted by Dr. Kunjufu


Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu is available to host a series of conferences at your school. Times are from 8:30am - 2:30pm on topics such as: Educating the Black and Hispanic Male. Questions will addressed like:

►Why are so many males, being suspended, dropping out of school, and in special education?

►Why are so many males retained?

►Why are so many males in remedial reading?

....and Educating the Black and Hispanic Female Conference, to answer questions like.....

►Why are 12 percent of Black and Hispanic Girls being suspended?

►Is it true that only 18% of Black and Hispanic girls are proficient in reading, and 13% proficient in math?

►Why is the dropout rate 40% and have Black and Hispanic girls been overlooked?

►How can we teach girls how to better cooperate with one another?

     Dr. Kunjufu can offer practical solutions to reverse these alarming statics.

For more information or to book a date for Dr. Kunjufu to address these issues, contact us at