African American Images (AAI) is a United States based publishing company focused on improving values of children and youth through high quality educational materials.

AAI organized workshops and conferences intended to help educators and parents develop practical solutions to the problems of child upbringing in the United States.

Our Services


African American Images publishes books from an Afrocentric frame of reference that promote self-esteem, collective values, liberation, and skill development.

We have submission guidelines to help you gain better insight as to what kind of content we publish, how to submit manuscripts and writing formats we accept. All submissions generally receive responses within a five (5) week period. If you wish to send in a manuscript for publishing, kindly go through our submission guidelines below.

You will receive a written response generally within 90 days. Please provide an email address for the response to be sent. We will be unable to answer telephone inquiries about your manuscript. Faxed scripts will not be considered.

Please note that unsolicited manuscripts (or books) will not be returned. Also, it will not be necessary to submit the entire script. Two to 3 sample chapters would be sufficient. Please do not send original documents. African American Images is not responsible for manuscripts that are lost. Manuscripts should be sent as an attachment to an email.

• We do not publish reprints, poetry, plays, essays, novels, autobiographies, or biographies.
• Typically, we do not publish manuscripts exclusively addressing the Continent of Africa.

• Generally speaking, African American Images publishes books from an Afrocentric frame of reference that promote self-esteem, collective values, liberation, and skill development.

• We do not publish adult fiction. Our adult books, however, must provide solutions for African Americans.

• We no longer publish children’s books.

• African American Images does not advance royalties.

• You may email your submission to the email address listed below.

• Once your book has been approved for publishing, we will provide promotion strategies for your usage.

• After publication, the author owns the copyright to the book.

In the event that our office agrees to publish your work and in order to expedite the production of your book, please incorporate the following format when typing the script:

1. The manuscript should be submitted in PDF format.

2. Each chapter should be placed in a separate file. There should also be separate files for back matter (References, Bibliography, and Appendix) and separate files for front matter (Table of Contents, Introduction, and Preface).

3. The manuscript’s left and right margins should be 1″ each.
4. You may use whatever style would be most helpful in spelling, pronunciation, and emphasis. Consistency, however, is crucial.
5. When using charts, please use Microsoft Word’s chart format.
6. Use the spell check function to make sure all spelling is correct.

We appreciate your interest in our book publishing services and trust that you will have great success with your work.


African American Images Inc. would promote the sales of published authors across several platforms to promote sales. Authors can also get in touch for special promotional packages, discount codes on their books and creation of special landing pages in event of special promotions. Kindly reach out to the African American Images Inc. Team using the contact details available on our website.


African American Images Inc. has many years of experience in educational consultation and curriculum development. Our works have been featured across several prominent channels, our curriculums have been put to use in numerous schools and educational outfits. We can develop custom curriculums that cater to students, parents, educational administrators, teachers and more.

Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence tagged SETCLAE is a unique curriculum that has been tested and proven to achieve its goals.

It contains detailed information on structured methods to help students achieve significant results, principles behind high performance of Black Students and other bonuses.

See and purchase SETCLAE here.


Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu of African American Images Inc. has extensive experience and testimonials in speaking, counselling and mentoring groups and individuals, educators, parents and students alike. The numerous testimonials of positive outcomes has seen him featured on numerous shows including BET, Oprah Winfrey Show, MSNBC and more.

To book for any of these services, kindly make use of the booking button below and we will be in touch.


Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

is a renowned writer, educator and publisher that has dedicated his career to addressing the ills afflicting black culture in the United States.

He has authored over 40 books including national best sellers, has been a guest speaker at most universities throughout the United States of America and has been a consultant to most urban school districts.

We cannot solve non-academic problems with academic solutions. We must change school culture.