Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

is a renowned writer, educator and publisher that has dedicated his career to addressing the ills afflicting black culture in the United States.

He has authored over 40 books including national best sellers, has been a guest speaker at most universities throughout the United States of America and has been a consultant to most urban school districts.

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Book Jawanza:

For Schools
Education has been a solid backbone and the platform on which cultures and best practices have been passed down through generations.

-> How Do Your Teachers Feel About Staff Development?
-> How Can You Reduce Teacher Turnover?
-> What have 500 successful schools done with low-income Black Students?
-> Changing School Culture for Black Males
-> Closing the Racial Academic Achievement Gap
...and more
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For Pastors
Dr Jawanza Kunjufu has preached in hundreds of pulpits, taught seminary to doctoral students and has written over 38 books. He is a born again Christian washed by the blood and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Book Dr. Jawanza to speak to young male men, adult men and the youth on the influence of their youth and more!