Books For African American's
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Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence (SETCLAE) is a model curriculum that provides a mechanism through which educators, youth workers, and parents can teach their children the positive aspects of their cultural heritage and simultaneously increase their self-esteem and their desire to excel.

Do you want to improve test scores?SETCLAE

Why is it needed? Some Black youth think being smart is acting White. Some think they are better in sports and Whites are better in science. Some Black youth think they are better in music and Whites in math. Some Black youth think they are better in rap and Whites in reading rap. If you want your students to act like slaves start their history in 1620. If you want them to be scholars start their history 5 million B.C.



  1. It Will Promote Self-Esteem.
  2. It Will Improve Academic Achievement.
  3. It Will Reduce Disciplinary Problems.
  4. It Is Easily Integrated Into The Curriculum.
  5. High Quality, Inexpensive Material, And Support Service.
  6. In-Service Training Is An Integral Component Of SETCLAE.
  7. It Encourages Parental Involvement


Elementary - Basic: 60 children’s books, 7 adult books and 1 video - $679.95
(Additional Set: $579.95)
Elementary – Complete: 105 children’s books, 20 adult books, 2 videos,
1 game and 192 posters - $1,199.00
High School – Basic: 55 youth books, 7 adult books and 1 video - $779.95
High School – Complete: 75 youth books, 20 adult books, 1 video,
1 game and 192 posters - $1,199.00

All sets include manual and map and Elementary includes awards, songbook and cd.