The Morehouse Mystique: Lessons to Develop Black Men

Going beyond mere institutional biography, this book delves into the story of Morehouse College, illustrating how this all-male African American school in Atlanta continues to forge its legacy by nurturing students into successful men of exceptional caliber. While offering a stellar liberal arts education in a supportive environment for academic, social, and spiritual growth, the book argues that Morehouse possesses a distinctive quality—termed “the Morehouse Mystique”—that contributes to its remarkable success. This quality is explored through an examination of the challenges faced by black males in America and an analysis of the college’s effective approach to leadership development, which has produced notable alumni such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee. By dissecting Morehouse’s student nurturing methods, the book suggests that other institutions, and American society as a whole, can better support black men in achieving their full potential.

By John H. Eaves


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